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your lash tech

Hi lovelies – my name is Chloe! I’m the owner of OutLashed and I’m here to tell you a bit about your lash artist!
I first trained in lash extensions January 2019 when I was just 18 years old and I remember not enjoying it at all as the course I had done wasn’t very in-depth. My Mum and friends pushed me to try and lash them up and it just clicked from there!
Suddenly I found myself fully booked and began working in a Glasgow salon. I was there until the end of 2019 until I found I wanted my own space. I opened up my own little room and by March 2020 I had moved to a larger studio where we are now based!
I have since trained to be an educator so I can share the job I love with all of you and am bringing out my own product line so that my students/clients can have the best of the best!
There isn’t a job more suited to me in the world due to how social and chatty I am in general. It’s honestly my passion and I’ve managed to tick off most of my career goals already which I am super proud of as I used to think I’d never be very successful as I wasn’t going to uni or anything!
I am forever grateful to everyone who comes to me, trains with me, or even just likes/follows my social media platforms. You are all the reason I am where I am today so from the bottom of my heart …

Thank you!

Chloe x

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